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Friday, June 24, 2011

ArmAGideon BioWarfare: E.coli (Russia Today, Natural News), AIDS (Pravda); Funvax: vaccine for Fundamentalists (Pentagon)

Deadly E. coli was engineered

18 June, 2011, 01:59
Russia Today

An outbreak of a peculiar strain of the E. coli bacteria has already taken 40 lives worldwide.

With fear that this outbreak will become a full-blown epidemic, scientists and citizens alike are wondering why this seemingly invincible strain is here and what they can do to combat it.

“If you look at it genetically…you have to come to the conclusion that this strain was exposed to eight different classes of antibiotics in its creation,” says Mike Adams, the editor-in-chief of This creation, says Adams, is not something that happens naturally.

“This does not happen in the wild where you have a strain that is resistant,” he says. “This looks like, genetically, that it had to be engineered.”

“It is definitely not just a random accident in nature.”

With eight major antibiotics unable to cure those infected, hospitals worldwide are unable to treat patients exposed to the bacteria. Adams says up to 900 people are now facing kidney failure because there is no known antidote available.

Adams attests that the creation and spreading of the strain might be a covert case of chemical warfare. Many governments and corporations have unleashed problems in the past only so that they could release a solution in the future, says Adams. It’s just a case of a creating the problem only to “settle the solution.”

While we don’t have all the answers, Adams says it is only wise to start asking the questions. First on the list: where did this really come from?

Forensic evidence emerges that European e.coli superbug was bioengineered to produce human fatalities

Monday, June 06, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of

Russia Today: Deadly E. coli was engineered (05:56)
(NaturalNews) Even as the veggie blame game is now under way across the EU, where a super resistant strain of e.coli is sickening patients and filling hospitals in Germany, virtually no one is talking about how e.coli could have magically become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply.

This particular e.coli variation is a member of the O104 strain, and O104 strains are almost never (normally) resistant to antibiotics. In order for them to acquire this resistance, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the "mutation pressure" that nudges them toward complete drug immunity.

So if you're curious about the origins of such a strain, you can essentially reverse engineer the genetic code of the e.coli and determine fairly accurately which antibiotics it was exposed to during its development. This step has now been done (see below), and when you look at the genetic decoding of this O104 strain now threatening food consumers across the EU, a fascinating picture emerges of how it must have come into existence.

The genetic code reveals the history

Pentagon lecture: Vaccine against religious beliefs (Funvax: Fundamentalists Vaccine) (04:16)
When scientists at Germany's Robert Koch Institute decoded the genetic makeup of the O104 strain, they found it to be resistant to all the following classes and combinations of antibiotics:
  • penicillins
  • tetracycline
  • nalidixic acid
  • trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazol
  • cephalosporins
  • amoxicillin / clavulanic acid
  • piperacillin-sulbactam
  • piperacillin-tazobactam

In addition, this O104 strain posses an ability to produce special enzymes that give it what might be called "bacteria superpowers" known technically as ESBLs:
"Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) are enzymes that can be produced by bacteria making them resistant to cephalosporins e.g. cefuroxime, cefotaxime and ceftazidime - which are the most widely used antibiotics in many hospitals," explains the Health Protection Agency in the UK (

On top of that, this O104 strain possesses two genes -- TEM-1 and CTX-M-15 -- that "have been making doctors shudder since the 1990s," reports The Guardian ( And why do they make doctors shudder? Because they're so deadly that many people infected with such bacteria experience critical organ failure and simply die.

Bioengineering a deadly superbug

So how, exactly, does a bacterial strain come into existence that's resistant to over a dozen antibiotics in eight different drug classes and features two deadly gene mutations plus ESBL enzyme capabilities?

There's really only one way this happens (and only one way) -- you have to expose this strain of e.coli to all eight classes of antibiotics drugs. Usually this isn't done at the same time, of course: You first expose it to penicillin and find the surviving colonies which are resistant to penicillin. You then take those surviving colonies and expose them to tetracycline. The surviving colonies are now resistant to both penicillin and tetracycline. You then expose them to a sulfa drug and collect the surviving colonies from that, and so on. It is a process of genetic selection done in a laboratory with a desired outcome. This is essentially how some bioweapons are engineered by the U.S. Army in its laboratory facility in Ft. Detrick, Maryland (Wikipedia).

Although the actual process is more complicated than this, the upshot is that creating a strain of e.coli that's resistant to eight classes of antibiotics requires repeated, sustained expose to those antibiotics. It is virtually impossible to imagine how this could happen all by itself in the natural world. For example, if this bacteria originated in the food (as we've been told), then where did it acquire all this antibiotic resistance given the fact that antibiotics are not used in vegetables?

When considering the genetic evidence that now confronts us, it is difficult to imagine how this could happen "in the wild." While resistance to a single antibiotic is common, the creation of a strain of e.coli that's resistant to eight different classes of antibiotics -- in combination -- simply defies the laws of genetic permutation and combination in the wild. Simply put, this superbug e.coli strain could not have been created in the wild. And that leaves only one explanation for where it really came from: the lab.

Engineered and then released into the wild

The evidence now points to this deadly strain of e.coli being engineered and then either being released into the food supply or somehow escaping from a lab and entering the food supply inadvertently. If you disagree with that conclusion -- and you're certainly welcome to -- then you are forced to conclude that this octobiotic superbug (immune to eight classes of antibiotics) developed randomly on its own... and that conclusion is far scarier than the "bioengineered" explanation because it means octobiotic superbugs can simply appear anywhere at any time without cause. That would be quite an exotic theory indeed.

My conclusion actually makes more sense: This strain of e.coli was almost certainly engineered and then released into the food supply for a specific purpose. What would that purpose be? It's obvious, I hope.

It's all problem, reaction, solution at work here. First cause a PROBLEM (a deadly strain of e.coli in the food supply). Then wait for the public REACTION (huge outcry as the population is terrorized by e.coli). In response to that, enact your desired SOLUTION (total control over the global food supply and the outlawing of raw sprouts, raw milk and raw vegetables).

That's what this is all about, of course. The FDA relied on the same phenomenon in the USA when pushing for its recent "Food Safety Modernization Act" which essentially outlaws small family organic farms unless they lick the boots of FDA regulators. The FDA was able to crush farm freedom in America by piggybacking on the widespread fear that followed e.coli outbreaks in the U.S. food supply. When people are afraid, remember, it's not difficult to get them to agree to almost any level of regulatory tyranny. And making people afraid of their food is a simple matter... a few government press releases emailed to the mainstream media news affiliates is all it takes.

First ban the natural medicine, then attack the food supply

Now, remember: All this is happening on the heels of the EU ban on medicinal herbs and nutritional supplements -- a ban that blatantly outlaws nutritional therapies that help keep people healthy and free from disease. Now that all these herbs and supplements are outlawed, the next step is to make people afraid of fresh food, too. That's because fresh vegetables are medicinal, and as long as the public has the right to buy fresh vegetables, they can always prevent disease.

But if you can make people AFRAID of fresh vegetables -- or even outlaw them altogether -- then you can force the entire population onto a diet of dead foods and processed foods that promote degenerative disease and bolster the profits of the powerful drug companies.

It's all part of the same agenda, you see: Keep people sick, deny them access to healing herbs and supplements, then profit from their suffering at the hands of the global drug cartels.

GMOs play a similar role in all this, of course: They're designed to contaminate the food supply with genetic code that causes widespread infertility among human beings. And those who are somehow able to reproduce after exposure to GMOs still suffer from degenerative disease that enriches the drug companies from "treatment."

Do you recall which country was targeted in this recent e.coli scare? Spain. Why Spain? You may recall that leaked cables from Wikileaks revealed that Spain resisted the introduction of GMOs into its agricultural system, even as the U.S. government covertly threatened political retaliation for its resistance. This false blaming of Spain for the e.coli deaths is probably retaliation for Spain's unwillingness to jump on the GMO bandwagon. (Natural News)

That's the real story behind the economic devastation of Spain's vegetable farmers. It's one of the subplots being pursued alongside this e.coli superbug scheme.

Food as weapons of war - created by Big Pharma?

By the way, the most likely explanation of where this strain of e.coli was bioengineered is that the drug giants came up with it in their own labs. Who else has access to all the antibiotics and equipment needed to manage the targeted mutations of potentially thousands of e.coli colonies? The drug companies are uniquely positioned to both carry out this plot and profit from it. In other words, they have the means and the motive to engage in precisely such actions.

Aside from the drug companies, perhaps only the infectious disease regulators themselves have this kind of laboratory capacity. The CDC, for example, could probably pull this off if they really wanted to.

The proof that somebody bioengineered this e.coli strain is written right in the DNA of the bacteria. That's forensic evidence, and what it reveals cannot be denied. This strain underwent repeated and prolonged exposure to eight different classes of antibiotics, and then it somehow managed to appear in the food supply. How do you get to that if not through a well-planned scheme carried out by rogue scientists? There is no such thing as "spontaneous mutation" into a strain that is resistant to the top eight classes of brand-name antibiotic drugs being sold by Big Pharma today. Such mutations have to be deliberate.

Once again, if you disagree with this assessment, then what you're saying is that NO, it wasn't done deliberately... it happened accidentally! And again, I'm saying that's even scarier! Because that means the antibiotic contamination of our world is now at such an extreme level of overkill that a strain of e.coli in the wild can be saturated with eight different classes of antibiotics to the point where it naturally develops into its own deadly superbug. If that's what people believe, then that's almost a scarier theory than the bioengineering explanation!

A new era has begun: Bioweapons in your food

But in either case -- no matter what you believe -- the simple truth is that the world is now facing a new era of global superbug strains of bacteria that can't be treated with any known pharmaceutical. They can all, of course, be readily killed with colloidal silver, which is exactly why the FDA and world health regulators have viciously attacked colloidal silver companies all these years: They can't have the public getting its hands on natural antibiotics that really work, you see. That would defeat the whole purpose of making everybody sick in the first place.

In fact, these strains of e.coli superbugs can be quite readily treated with a combination of natural full-spectrum antibiotics from plants such as garlic, ginger, onions and medicinal herbs. On top of that, probiotics can help balance the flora of the digestive tract and "crowd out" the deadly e.coli that might happen by. A healthy immune system and well-functioning digestive tract can fight off an e.coli superbug infection, but that's yet another fact the medical community doesn't want you to know. They much prefer you to remain a helpless victim lying in the hospital, waiting to die, with no options available to you. That's "modern medicine" for ya. They cause the problems that they claim to treat, and then they won't even treat you with anything that works in the first place.

Nearly all the deaths now attributable to this e.coli outbreak are easily and readily avoidable. These are deaths of ignorance. But even more, they may also be deaths from a new era of food-based bioweapons unleashed by either a group of mad scientists or an agenda-driven institution that has declared war on the human population.

Additional developments on this e.coli outbreak

  • 22 fatalities have so far been reported, with 2,153 people now sickened and possibly facing kidney failure.

  • An agricultural ministry in Germany said that even though they now know the source of the outbreak is a German sprout farm, they are still not lifting their warnings for people to avoid eating tomatoes and lettuce. In other words, keep the people afraid!

  • "The German variant of E coli, known as O104, is a hybrid of the strains that can cause bloody diarrhoea and kidney damage called 'hemolytic uremic syndrome'." (

  • A total of ten European nations have reported outbreaks of this e.coli strain, mostly from people who had visited northern Germany.

  • The following story is in German, and it hints that the e.coli outbreak might have been a terrorist attack ( Yeah, a terrorist attack by the drug companies upon innocent people, as usual…

» » » » [Russia Today] [Natural News]

"What we Know and Tell About AIDS may save lives; what we Know and Don't Tell Will Destroy Them"

Zears Miles, USAF (Ret)
February 2, 1941 - November 29, 1995

AIDS MURDER OR MYSTERY? The Truth about AIDS is an on going War and tremendous sacrifice has been made by many. Zears Miles sacrificed his life to teach you the truth about AIDS. His lectures and seminars were World renown, his dedication in revealing the truth unshakable.

Zears L. Miles Jr. lived, worked or studied in various countries outside the U. S. For 18 years including DENMARK, JAPAN, KOREA, NATIONALIST CHINA, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES, HONG KONG, THAILAND, CANTON ISLAND, GREENLAND and MEXICO gaining a global perspective of Political, Economical, Social, Cultures, Religious and Academic Philosophies. Miles taught and lectured Ancient and Classical African History, Economic Development in the Developing Countries, The Worlds Greatest Resource: AFRICA, Developing A Black Economic Infrastructure, Developing A Sense Of Pride In The Black Community, Long Distance Communication Electronics: Methods and Procedures, Mathematics for Electronics.

Mr. Miles was on dialyses three years before he died. His will to inform African and Hispanic communities was not hampered by malfunctioning kidneys and other health problems. Mr. Miles was head and shoulders above anyone in the Black communities, willing to speak out and tell the TRUTH about this devastating man-made disease.

Miles was a Keynote speaker on the subject of AIDS throughout the U. S. And other parts of the World.

MR. Miles an Air Force Veteran, served during the Vietnam War. While in the Air Force, he was a teacher in Korea. After his discharge, he moved to California and was a Senior Quality Control Engineer for Hughes Aircraft, Benchmark Technology Inc., Raytheon Data Systems Co., Lear Siegler Astronics and Reliance Electric Co. From 1970 - 1980 he worked throughout Asia as a Production and Engineering Manager. He spoke fluent Japanese, German and Spanish.


Writing "AIDS, Murder or Mystery?, was my attempt to get the word out, as far as the Truth about AIDS is concerned. After interviewing Dr. Robert B. Strecker, Zears Miles, Eva Snead and a host of other professionals, it was unbelievable how many lies were being published as truth or fact by those who knew they were supporting lies of safe sex and condoms, to monkeys transmission directly to humans.

After interviewing Dr. Eva Snead, who wrote, "Some Call It AIDS, I Call It Murder: The connection between cancer, AIDS, immunizations and Genocide", it was clear the U. S. Government, World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute, U. S. Army Biological Weapons Unit and the Medical Industries in Europe and the United States knew quite well the Truth about AIDS, because they each had a hand in its development and circulation with other diseases and viruses into the worlds populations.

AIDS, Murder or Mystery? was submitted to over a hundred supposedly concerned Civil Rights agencies. In addition, individuals, private attorneys and private citizens, who were mailed copies of scientific documents, audio recordings of interviews and the larger groups were sent a video, "The Strecker Memorandum", with those documents, to investigate and challenge this AIDS problem. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was among the very few who responded. Her response was by lecturing on the subject, even after she was advised the subject was too dangerous to discuss. A list of the contents mailed is on the following page, AIDS, Murder or Mystery?.
Lt. Col. Bo Gritz: OKC Bombing, Militia & New World Order [01/13]
Although people suggested I may have wasted my money and time seeking concerned Citizens and Civil Rights organizations, one contact proved them wrong. After submitting a package of AIDS information, with a copy of the Strecker Memorandum" video tape to Colonel James "Bo" Gritz something happened. "Bo" Gritz contacted Dr. Strecker and a host of Patriots from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Tax Agents and other speakers to his Center for Action sponsored Freedom Call Conference, held for several years, exposing U. S. Government corruption. ("Bo" Gritz is known for his involvement in POW/MIA investigations of American Veterans, his book A Nation Betrayed and exposing the prior Bush Administration and CIA of Drug Trafficking in the U.S.)

The lack of response was hard to bear, however, Dr. Strecker and Mr. Zears Miles, assured me the culprits of this crime are very skillful at deception and have the unlimited resources of taxpayers money to continue this crime of Global Genocide. Less than five people responded from the information mailed.

AIDS is only a Mystery to those unwilling to seek the truth. In fact, there is really no mystery at all, AIDS a Man-Made Genetically Engendered Disease, created in a Bio-Weapons Lab to do exactly what it's doing, destroying the immune system of those injected with it and those who come in contact with the infected.

The AIDS victims become infected after injection within 7-14 years, depending on their health. The disease is viable (alive) outside the body 14-30 days, with a peak of about 14 days and becomes weaker until about thirty days after it was deposited onto any object. The AIDS Virus is present in all bodily fluids, which makes it obvious a condom can not protect you from the disease, unless of course you step into a full body latex suite and never allow any of your bodily fluids to come in contact with your sex partner. So safe sex and condoms is a lie and the scientific documents also prove that the genes of the AIDS Virus, or Codon Choices of the virus, are not normally found in man or primates. The deeper you look, the more you find and finally you read how the AIDS Virus was created, by culturing genes from animal viruses into human tissue cultures grown in Labs.

AIDS all by itself is a major problem, but it's only part of a much larger problem which is the New World Order, or the Order which has decided who are worthless eaters on this earth and should die. This larger problem was exposed by Lyndon LaRouche, who was imprisoned, in a document titled, "Volker and Haig continue Carter's Global 2000, Genocide 100 Times Worse Than Hitler". (The Global 2000 Report was written about July 1980, endorsed by Secretary of State Edmond Muskey and called for the Worldwide Elimination of 2 Billion Human Beings by the year 2000.)

Please take the time to Read, Think, Listen and Pay Attention, to the Truth about AIDS. If you look up the reference lists on this site, given to UMOJA Research by Dr. Strecker, or read some of the books listed as reference in "AIDS, Murder or Mystery?", then and only then will you begin to see that AIDS is more Monkey Business than monkeys have anything at all to do with it. If you are not comfortable with the Truth, just keep believing the lies of those who pose as your protectors and should you become a victim, well by then it will be too late for your concerns.

The Strecker Memorandum (01:36:24)
The Strecker Memorandum is a 96 minute Video Tape and one of the most controversial video tapes you will ever see. Robert B. Strecker M.D. PhD, presents with document evidence the Truth about AIDS being a Man-Made Disease. In his video he lectures how the AIDS Virus was Predicted, Requested, Created and introduced into human population through Medical Injection Programs. Dr. Strecker practices Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in Los Angeles as a trained pathologist, with a PhD in Pharmacology.

Dr. Strecker and his brother, Attorney Theodore A. Strecker, were doing a Health Maintenance Proposal for Security Pacific Bank in California in 1983. Security Pacific Bank wanted to know what the long term financial effects would be, should it venture in the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) business, insuring the treatment of AIDS patients. Because this information was not available in 1983, Dr. Strecker and his brother Ted Strecker began researching the medical literature to learn what they could about this new disease. The information they uncovered right from the beginning was so startling to them, so hard to believe, that it would dramatically alter both their lives and lead them on a five year quest culminating with the creation of "The Strecker Memorandum", one of the most controversial video tapes of our time, in addition to a remarkable set of documents called "The Bio-Attack Alert".

#TRCFraud Tweets to #YoungAfrica visit of Michelle Obama to SA
Right there in the medical literature for anyone to read for themselves was, basically, proof that the AIDS virus and pandemic was actually predicted years ago by a world-famous virologist, among others. They found that top scientists writing in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization were actually requesting that AIDS-like viruses be created to study the affects on humans. In fact, the Strecker's unearthed thousands of documents all supporting the man-made origin of AIDS.

Meanwhile, the government was telling everyone that a green monkey in Africa bit some native and started AIDS. As their research continued, it became obvious from the documentation that the virus itself was not only created as requested, but actually deployed, and now threatens the existence of mankind because it does what it was designed to do: cause cancer in humans via a contagious virus. Eventually, the Strecker's came to realize everything the government, the so-called AIDS experts and media were telling the public was not only misleading, but out and out lies. . . .


The most dreaded fear that all oncologist (cancer doctors), virologists, and immunologists live with is that some day cancer, in one form or another, will become a contagious disease, transferable from one person to another. AIDS has now made that fear a reality. If you think you are safe because you are not gay or promiscuous, or because you are not sexually active, then you must watch The Strecker Memorandum very carefully. . . .


Over one hundred thousand Americans have already died because they didn't know the truth about AIDS. Approximately 23 million Americans are already infected. More than 1 in 60 babies born in New York City is infected; three in 100 college students in America [one in 33] is infected; one in 20 aliens applying for amnesty is infected, including men, women and children . . . .


One of the first things the Strecker's did was to try and tell their medical and legal colleagues what they were finding in the literature. Some were interested; most were not. Certainly no one was prepared to risk their professional standing by making waves within the establishment. Ted Strecker compiled some of the most damaging documents into a report he called "The Bio-Attack Alert" and sent it to every Governor of every state, the President, the Vice-President (George Bush), the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and selected members of Congress. He got a grand total of three replies from three governors, nothing from the government. Both he and Dr. Strecker were laughed at and ridiculed at every turn. As an example, Dr. Strecker told the government in 1985 that virtually every person testing positive for AIDS would die prematurely and painfully. The government said that was nonsense. Their figures showed that maybe ten percent at most would die from the disease. In 1986, the government said maybe 50 percent of those infected would die, in 1987, they said maybe 75 percent, in 1988 they finally agreed with Dr. Strecker that AIDS is virtually 100 percent fatal. We could go on with facts Dr. Strecker unearthed that the "experts" said were wrong and now accepted as the truth. Dr. Strecker, like a good scientist, submitted paper after paper with his findings published in Europe. Again, closed doors. What to do? Dr. Strecker did not feel he could take the time from his practice and his research to write a book. On the other hand, everyone has a TV and now most households have a VCR. The time involved to make a video is nothing compared to writing a book, and so the video The Strecker Memorandum was created. It is 96 minutes of the most startling, controversial, and information-packed video you will ever see. It disputes virtually everything the American public is being told by the government, so-called AIDS experts, and the media. In fact, after seeing it YOU will know more about AIDS than 99 percent of all doctors in America.


With the video made, it seemed a simple matter to advertise it and the world would now become aware of what it was facing, right? Wrong! The fact that you are even reading about The Strecker Memorandum now is a minor miracle by itself, inasmuch as TV stations have refused to advertise it. TV and radio time brokers that sell blocks of commercial time have refused to sell us time. TV station managers have refused to even air programs containing interviews with Dr. Strecker. A national radio network did an interview with a famous talk show host and Dr. Strecker-and then refused to run it. Virtually every big name network television magazine show and all the syndicated TV interviewers and talk show hosts have said NO to Dr. Strecker. Big city newspapers will not take any print ads telling about it, and so it goes. WHY? What is in The Strecker Memorandum that sends a cold chill down the spine of most media executives?

The Strecker Memorandum (01:36:24)
The excuse we hear over and over is that it is too controversial. Too controversial? They say that this information, if widely disseminated, will cause the public to panic. If someone had poisoned our water supply and you and your family could die, wouldn't you want to know about it? Would you panic? Or would you more likely be outraged and try to find out who did it and punish them? We feel the only persons who might panic are those scientists who willingly or otherwise created AIDS and are now promoting misinformation by covering it up. . .


It may take a while before the words "species threatening" sink in, because the term has rarely been used before to describe an existing human condition. But once you realize the implications of that term and realize that, unlike any other kind of disease ever known to man, past or present, AIDS can, if unchecked kill every human on earth, then your outlook and attitude regarding everything in life must change. Whether you like it or not and despite all your precautions, the time will come when you will test positive for AIDS, and it can happen much quicker than you realize.

The number of AIDS-infected people is doubling approximately every 12 months, and in some areas even sooner. With 23 million Americans carrying the virus, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how long we have here in the U.S. Africa has, conservatively, 75 million infected; some estimates double that. Brazil as a country is in serious jeopardy because all through the 1970's they were buying their blood supply from Africa. On top of that, the World Health Organization conducted a large scale small pox vaccination program there in the 1970s (for the full implications of that see The Strecker Memorandum). Southern Japan has at least 30 percent infected with HTLV-I, the leukemia-causing virus (although you will never hear about that on TV). Haiti of course, is ravaged by AIDS; more than 20 percent of the people are infected and getting worse every day. And so it goes. Virtually every nation on earth with few exceptions (Iran is one) is reporting a growing problem. It's on every continent, every sub-continent, and every island chain, Atlantic and Pacific. So why won't the media or government tell you these things? Is it too controversial for you to handle? Are you going to panic?

#TRCFraud Tweets to #YoungAfrica visit of Michelle Obama to SA
Yes and no. No, if you are waiting for the government to create a magic bullet. As you will see in The Strecker Memorandum, part of the problem is that all the various AIDS viruses are recombinant Retroviruses. Very simply, that means they have the ability to recombine with the genes of any cell they enter and the offspring or new viruses they form are different from the parent viruses. HTLV-III alone (that's the most common American AIDS virus) has the mathematical ability to change itself 4 to the 9,000th power. The common cold recombines much less frequently and we haven't found a cure for it after a hundred years. Besides, does it make much sense to entrust the cure for AIDS to the same people that may have created it?

Yes, there is hope if Dr. Strecker and a growing number of realistic scientists are correct in looking at alternative, non-allopathic, non-drug modalities based on Raman spectroscopy. In fact, much research is going on now that offers great promise. Unfortunately, our government takes a dim view of any type of treatment for any type of disease-let alone AIDS-that does not conform to its rigid rules for acceptance, registration and legalization. Of course the FDA would definitely like to see an allopathic drug treatment or cure presented by an ethical drug company or university. Well, we don't think that's going to happen. Because of this attitude, much experimentation in America must go underground, underfunded, or out of the country entirely. Again this is explained further in The Strecker Memorandum.


An ominous personal aspect of this story has been the sudden and unexpected deaths of two of the key players. First, Dr. Strecker's brother, Ted Strecker, was found shot to death in his home in Springfield, Missouri, an apparent suicide, on August 11, 1988. Was Ted Strecker suicidal? Perhaps. In the past he suffered from depression and monumental frustration at the relative lack of interest in his findings. Dr. Strecker spoke with him the night before his death. Ted was cheerful, in good spirits, and looking forward to certain new developments that promised progress. The next day he was found dead, his 22-caliber rifle next to him. No message, no goodbyes to anyone. Officially a suicide.

Next, Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff of Chicago was found alone in his home, dead from an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin, on September 22, 1988.

Representative Huff did everything in his power to make the Illinois State Legislature and the people of Chicago aware of Dr. Strecker's work. He was very vocal, gave many press interviews, was constantly on television and radio urging people to wake up to the cover-up concerning AIDS. Did Representative Huff use drugs? Perhaps. Was he an addict? No. Would he have known how dangerous a massive overdose of cocaine and heroin was? Yes, of course. Cause of death: officially a stroke. Dr. Strecker has serious doubts that his brother killed himself. Representative Huff's associates doubt he died accidentally, and yet they are gone. Who's next?


We all know it is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth. Well, we are spreading the truth about AIDS. Unfortunately, it isn't pretty. But the fact is, you are not being told the truth by the government or the so-called AIDS experts. The media, for reasons of their own, will not present information contradicting the official propaganda. So you can choose to go along with the same people who gave us brain cancer (SV-40 virus) as a result of their contaminated polio vaccines in the early 1960's, a polio-like disease from their contaminated Swine Flu Vaccine in the 1970's; and AIDS from their smallpox and hepatitis B vaccines; or, you can at least make yourself aware of the clear and present dangers that we all face by watching The Strecker Memorandum. The cost of the tape is nominal, but we submit that remaining ignorant can cost infinitely more.

THE STRECKER GROUP 1501 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041 (203)344-8039

Note: The above information is part of the handouts included with The Strecker Memorandum Video Tape


The Strecker Memorandum is a 96 minute Video Tape and one of the most controversial video tapes you will ever see. Robert B. Strecker M.D. PhD, presents with document evidence the Truth about AIDS being a Man-Made Disease. In his video he lectures how the AIDS Virus was Predicted, Requested, Created and introduced into human population through Medical Injection Programs. Dr. Strecker practices Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology in Los Angeles as a trained pathologist, with a PhD in Pharmacology.

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The Smoking Gun of AIDS: The Special Virus Cancer Program 1971 Flowchart

December 6, 2000
by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

Boyd Graves on Irskine Overnight Show [01/02] This interview was recorded in 2000 on the Irskine Overnight Show, with attorney, and Naval Academy Graduate, Boyd E. Graves, about New World Order plans for depopulation of useless eaters, with his Smoking Gun Federal FlowChart, documenting that the cost of creating the AIDS virus, was at that time $550 million, etc..
In 1977, a secret federal virus program produced 15,000 gallons of AIDS. The record reveals the United States was represented by Dr. Robert Gallo and the USSR was represented by Dr. Novakhatsky of the diabolical Ivanosky Institute. On August 21, 1999, the world first saw the flowchart of the plot to thin the Black Population.

The 1971 AIDS flowchart coordinates over 20,000 scientific papers and fifteen years of progress reports of a secret federal virus development program. The epidemiology of AIDS is an identical match to the "research logic" identified in the five section foldout. The flowchart is page 61 of Progress Report #8 (1971) of the Special Virus program of the United States of America. We today, challenge world scientists to discussion of this document find.

We believe there is a daily, growing number of world experts who are all coming to the same conclusion regarding the significance of the flowchart. Dr. Garth Nicolson has examined the flowchart as well as other top experts from around the world. It is time for Dr. Michael Morrissey of Germany to examine the flowchart and report to the world. In addition, we have now examined the 1978 report. It is heresy to continue to further argue the program ended in 1977.

The 1978 report of the development of AIDS leaves no doubt as to the ("narrow result") candidate virus sought by the United States. The flowchart conclusively proves a secret federal plot to develop a "contagious cancer" that "selectively kills."

Following the presentation of the flowchart in Canada, the same information was presented to the United States in the rotunda of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. Shortly thereafter a major African newspaper called and for four days in a row, this issue was the feature story in an uncensored press. The people of Africa already know about the U.S. virus development program. It is time for the rest of us to know.

In January, the U.S. had no response to my two page abstract submitted to the African American AIDS 2000 conference. In February, the U.S. Congress had no response to the 3000 Americans who signed signature petitions calling for immediate review of the flowchart and progress reports of the secret virus development program. We firmly believe once the dust settles from the current election marathon, reviewing the special virus program will be the single most important pursuit of the 21st Century.

More scientists and doctors must join with Dr. Nicolson, Dr. Strecker, Dr. Cantwell, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Lee, Dr. Wainwright, Dr. Halstead and Professor Boyle. In any public debate on this issue, we will continue to present the flowchart of the secret virus development program, as the "irrefutable missing link" in the true laboratory origin of AIDS.

We have successfully navigated a federal maze and matrix and found a curtain surrounding the issue of AIDS. The 1999 discovery and presentation of the AIDS flowchart is a "smoke detector" wake up call. Society has an obligation to do more than don masks.

Non-inclusive random endnotes:
  • U.S. Special Virus program, Progress Report #8 (1971), pg. 61 (the flowchart)
  • National Security Defense Memorandum (NSDM) #314, Brent Scowcroft (1975).
  • "Special Message to the U.S. Congress on Problems of Population Growth", Richard Nixon, July 18, 1969
  • Public Law 91-213, "To Stabilize World Populations", John D. Rockefeller, III, Chairman, March 16, 1970
  • National Security Council Memorandum (NSCM) #46, "Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement", Zbigniew Brezinski, March 17, 1978

Your digital flow chart download is an exact reproduction of the original 1971 HIV flow chart Dr. Boyd E. Graves discovered hidden among U.S. medical research archives in 1999. In a letter dated May 15, 2000 addressed to Dr. Graves' flow chart discovery, a top U.S. AIDS expert of the U.S. National Institute of Health, Dr. Victoria Cargill, confirms the black and white 1971 U.S. Special 'AIDS' Virus flow chart is the Research Logic Flow of HIV.

» » » » [Dr. Boyd Graves]

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional?

by Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr. Len Horowitz: Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional? (02:05:03 min)
Watch Dr. Horowitz brilliantly present his first in-depth exploration into the origins of HIV and Ebola. This is the presentation that launched Dr. Horowitz's career as thorn in the side of the medical/scientific establishment. Here he powerfully challenges all of medicine to awaken to the horror and tragedy of "iatrogenic," vaccine-induced, physician and nurse delivered, AIDS.

Claims that HIV, Ebola, and other "Emerging Viruses," evolved naturally and then jumped species from monkeys to humanity seem grossly unfounded in light of the compelling evidence presented in this extraordinary lecture.

Alternatively, the possibility that these bizarre germs were laboratory creations, accidentally or intentionally transmitted via tainted hepatitis B and smallpox vaccines in the U.S. and Africa - as numerous authorities have alleged - is advanced further herein.

Dr. Horowitz reviews the numerous viral vaccine studies conducted simultaneously in New York City and Central West Africa by a narrow network of virologists working for major military-medical contractors under the auspices of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Included is Dr. Robert Gallo, the notorious discoverer of the AIDS virus.

America's most controversial author presents here some of the most bizarre and horrifying facts about the biological weapons race of the 1960s and early 1970s when NCI researchers developed countless immune system ravaging viruses, and experimented with an assortment of antidote vaccines allegedly for "defense" and cancer prevention.

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» » [Affidavit of Leonard G. Horowitz evidencing the Origin of AIDS sourcing from Hepatitus B Vaccine experiments conducted by Agents and Agencies of the Federal Government of the United States of America and the Merck Pharmaceutical Company (PDF)]

Iatrogenic (Manmade) Origins of AIDS (US-USSR Cold War Biological Warfare Agreement (1972) & SVCP) submitted to SA Gov. Officials

22 June 2011
Excerpt: Radical Honesty Amicus to Concourt (CCT 23-10)

A: Iatrogenic (Manmade) Origins of Aids Info: SA Leaders:

An article in Sechaba, the Official Journal of the ANC in exile, published in London in November 1988, under the title ‘AIDS and the Imperialist Connection’ questioned the African origin of the AIDS virus, and suggested that the AIDS virus may have been developed for genocidal purposes ‘in the secrecy of the laboratories of many imperialist countries.’ -- South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid, by R. W. Johnson

In Sept. 2000, Minister of Health, Mrs Tshabalala-Msimang circulated to Provincial Premiers and Health Ministers a chapter of William Cooper’s, Behold a Pale Horse; which alleges that HIV was specifically devised by the worlds ruling elite to reverse population growth. -- South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country since the End of Apartheid, by R. W. Johnson

“We [The Nelson Mandela Foundation] are aware of the [20,000 US Government Scientific] documents [documenting that AIDS is manmade as a Biological Warfare Depopulation Agent]. They Mean Nothing To Us, our World is Not Ruled by the United States. We Have Our Own Scientific Ways of Doing Things in South Africa.” -- Official Verbal Statement by Nelson Mandela & Nelson Mandela Foundation Spokesperson, Ms. Zelda Le Grange, on 11 October 2002 (in response to ‘Are the NM Foundation aware of the 20,000 US Special Virus Cancer Program Scientific experiments, documenting that AIDS is a manmade Biological Warfare Depopulation Virus)

The Dept. of Defence: Surgeon General conducted an investigation of the Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory at the request of Lara Johnstone. The record of this Investigation is currently Top Secret/Restricted -- Restricted: 29 August 2003: Dept of Defence: Office of Surgeon General, Iatrogenic AIDS Origins Theory SA National Defence Force: Receipt Form for Top Secret/Restricted Doc’s (PDF)

Documents submitted to Politicians and Courts include excerpts from Dr. Horowitz book:

b: Emerging Viruses: Aids and Ebolo: Nature, Accident or Intentional?

According to Credo Mutwa, AIDS in Africa - A Man Made Disease, AIDS is a man-made disease. As his evidence, he cites, “Dr. Len Horowitz's monumental book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident Or Intentional? for a wealth of documentation placing Dr. Gallo, longtime head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Section on Cellular Control Mechanisms, at center stage in the AIDS arena. Evidence suggests he created the AIDS virus about a decade before "discovered" it.”

According to Dr. W. John Martin, a Professor of Pathology at the University of Southern California, & the Director of the Center for Complex Infectious Diseases in Rosemead, CA, former director of the Viral Oncology Branch of the FDA's Bureau of Biologics (now Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research), the government's principal human vaccines agency:
“In writing Emerging Viruses, Dr. Horowitz has bravely questioned the extent to which scientific research and lax government oversight may have contributed to the present and coming plagues. In considering the recent genesis of HIV and the Ebola viruses, Dr. Horowitz's book has explored three areas of great general and scientific interest: 1) the history of intensive research into the viral causes of cancer wherein readers can become familiar with the many, now questionable, virus transmission experiments, 2) the CIA and Department of Defense efforts to develop and defend against biological weapons of germ warfare. Here Dr. Horowitz should be especially congratulated for presenting well researched little known facts that, though highly disturbing, are an important piece of history that may also bear heavily on the emergence of new viruses, and 3) vaccine production. Clearly, as anyone who reads this book will conclude, there is a great need for more open dialogue concerning the past and present risks inherent in the production of live viral vaccines.”

Documents submitted to Politicians and Courts include excerpts from Dr. Graves’ book:

c: State Origin: Evidence of Laboratory Birth of Aids:

Nightline (2000): CIA & Pentagon: Overpopulation 1/2

Nightline (2000): CIA & Pentagon: Resource Wars 2/2

“Birth Rates Must Come Down More Quickly Or Current Death Rates Must Go Up. There Is No Other Way.” -- Robert McNamara, Worldbank President, 1970

In State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS: A Shocking Collection of Evidence and Court Documents from Graves vs. The President of the United States: U.S. Supreme Court Case No. 00-9587 Boyd Graves, writes:
“Author Graves provides the irrefutable “missing link,” the 1971 AIDS research logic Flow Chart. It is the linkage of over 20,000 scientific papers which conclusively prove a “candidate” virus was developed and mass produced.

His book provides an overview of many of these scientific papers, who the scientists were, and all the experiments, from the following original NCI documents:
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 9, August 1972, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 431)
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 10, August 1973, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 406)
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 11, August 1974, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 547)
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 13, August 1976, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 461)
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 14, June 1977, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 439)
  • U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 15, June 1978, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (pp 417)

Documents submitted to Politicians and Courts include excerpts from National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health: U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Reports, such as the 1971 AIDS research Logic flow chart, which links the 20,000 scientific papers; or the 1972 US-USSR Cold War Biological Warfare Agreement, where Dr. Robert Gallo (the discoverer of AIDS) of the NCI, traded the most advanced methods and materials in field of molecular biology, bacteriology & virology during the Cold War, including “large scale production of human virus” with the Soviets.

Information included the statement by Dr. Gallo, to Dr. Horowitz that, these scientific US Special Virus Program experiments he was conducting to mix viruses from animals, quite possible, even probably could have contributed to HIV:
Dr. L. Horowitz:
Is there a possibility that these type of experiments (as conducted by the Special Virus Cancer Program), where hybrids were being created might have given rise to the HIVs?”

Dr. Robert Gallo:
.... Yeah that's possible.... not impossible. I can't even say its improbable, that some viruses mixed could contribute to HIV... [July 30,1996]

-- Excerpt from Iatrogenic AIDS Origins Theory doc’s, delivered to SA Min of Health, Surgeon General, AIDS Law Project, and Anglo American Medical Consultant, via Democratic Party: Mr. T. Leon’s Office; c/o & via: Mayor of George, Mr. Swart (PDF)

d: US-USSR Cold War Biological Warfare Agreement (1972):

US-USSR Agreement Under Which Biological Weapons Including the Most Advanced Cancer Viruses Were Traded During the Cold War; Page 36-39; U.S. Special Virus Program, Progress Report # 15, June 1978, Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention, National Cancer Institute; U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Office, National Institutes of Health (Pg’s: 417)

Above agreement (pg 35), includes partial list of researchers (pg 37 – 39), including Dr. Robert Gallo (the discoverer of AIDS) of the NCI, all who traded the most advanced methods and materials in field of molecular biology, bacteriology & virology during the Cold War.

Dr. Robert Gallo (the discoverer of AIDS) of the NCI, who traded the most advanced methods and materials in field of molecular biology, bacteriology & virology during the Cold War, including “large scale production of human virus” with the Soviets, appears on Pg. 39.

» » » » [CCT 23-10 (PDF)]

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