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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Infinite Monkeys and Godwins Law

The Infinite Monkeys & Godwins Law

by Mike Smith | SA Sucks

Debating on racial issues is largely a one-way debate in modern society. Just about all the academics, politicians and Main Stream Media (MSM) institutions are advocates of Cultural relativism and Racial Egalitarianism. They believe in a fallacy and modern day superstition that all races are equal just like people in the Dark ages believed the earth was flat.

They constantly profess, advocate and defend this absurdity and false dogma with a fanaticism bordering on religious hysteria despite many scientists and anthropologist who did extensive work on differences between races and who published hundreds of volumes on the subject.

Trying to find works such as “The Bell Curve”, “Race and Reason”, “IQ and the wealth of Nations” or De Gobineau’s “Inequality of the races” in a public or University library is a rarity these days. Even academics who try to discuss race in the most moderate of fashions are met with academic intolerance and physical intimidation by racial failure apologists and egalitarians. All research that proves their theories wrong are shunned as “Pseudo-science” without the proof of this research ever been studied or even read.

One sees these phenomena also on the internet on forums where racial issues are being discussed. Anyone who provides a counter argument to Cultural relativism or egalitarianism is immediately attacked with an argumentum ad hominem to his person, called a racist and ignorant bastard.

It never stops to amaze me how hopeful these racial equalitists (a Mike Smith creation) can be. They say that if you just give the Blacks time, give them enough education, enough food, enough money, enough whatever…they will someday catch up with Whites and they will be just like us. They actually admit that there is indeed a difference between the races, but cannot see the fault in their Reductio ad absurdum. At the one moment they say the races are all the same, but the very next moment they say that Blacks could catch up with Whites (admitting that races are not the same or equal) through education, environment, etc.

That brings me to another favourite of the egalitarian Liberal which is to state that environmental conditions in which races evolved caused the differences in races (again admitting to the differences in races). When one points out that Eskimos lived in the Arctic Circle in the same conditions as Icelanders, Swedes and Norwegians, yet never created any civilisation, written language or even fixed building structures, the egalitarians want to point out that these primitives are actually more advanced than the Whites who did all of the above. The same can be pointed out from races living in tropical conditions such as the Cambodians who built Ankor Wat, the majestic temples of Thailand or the sophisticated buildings and societies of the Incas and the Mayas…yet the Blacks from Africa are an abject failure when it comes to creating or even sustaining any civilisation.

The interviews show some evidence for the "spiral of silence" explanation: many interviewed reporters felt that population is a hot issue, better left unmentioned.... Thus a spiral of silence about population growth may be maintained by determined pronatalists, immigration advocates, and intimidated journalists.
How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection, Univ. of SW Louisiana

If one compares three island nations such as Haiti in the Caribbean, Iceland in the Arctic and Singapore in tropical South East Asia, the Blacks from Haiti should hang their heads in shame, because they inherited a developed French colony after murdering every single White on the island (40,000) and has been independent for the last 200 years. Haiti today is a dump; a slum of human excrement and filth, stinking to high heaven and the luscious tropical forests, sugar plantations, etc totally destroyed. Only 3% of the people ever finish primary education. It is a primitive society, dangerous and superstitious with the dominant religion of Voodoo.

Iceland endures winter conditions that last three quarters of the year. It is located on a volcanic island and mostly desert with no forests. Farming is almost impossible. It has no paper or wood products. There is no oil, no coal or natural gas. They compete vigorously with other nations on the Cod fish banks for their subsistence and uses ingenious geothermal energy to warm their houses and generate electricity.

Despite all of this, Iceland publishes more books and journals per capita than any other nation in the world. They have the highest literacy and the lowest infant mortality rates. They have the lowest crime and drug rates along with the highest standards of living. Iceland also has the best medical care in the world and the longest standing freely elected parliament in the world, The Althing. Iceland’s population is also almost exclusively White.

Singapore is built mainly on a salty marsh, where no crops can be grown. It has no minerals, etc yet Singapore is classed as one of the safest places to live in the world with a standard of living and education that surpasses that of many Western Nations.

Wherever man goes he adapts to and changes his environment into the image of his soul. Man either destroys the environment like in the case of Black run Haiti or he builds majestic civilisations such as in Iceland or Singapore. Man shapes his environment; the environment does not shape man.

Can Multiculturalism work? Yes certainly it can. Immigrant nations such as the USA, Canada and South Africa are testimonies to that. America is essentially a multicultural society made up for the largest part of European immigrants. Canada has French and English Whites. The Whites of South Africa are a mixture of Dutch, French, British, German, Belgium and some other White European nations. The White Afrikaner nation is probably the original and most Multicultural race on earth, so much so that they have developed an entire culture of their own with poetry, songs and higher learning institutions that pump out Doctorate theses of world quality on a regular basis despite Black ANC politicians who wants to undermine them around every corner. The key to their respective successes was not the mixture of White genetic material, but for the most part the exclusion of the Black genes. Any society where Blacks and Whites have indiscriminately mixed soon finds itself on a downward and backward spiral.

When confronted with these facts, the belligerent egalitarians insist that Multiculturalism is superior to racially homogenous societies, despite pointing out the successes of racially homogeneous, Liaises Faire, Capitalist societies such as Iceland, Denmark and Japan as opposed to the disasters of the Multicultural soup of South American countries.

None of these egalitarians can point out a single Black run country with low crime rates, high standards of living or high levels of education, yet they insist that Blacks and their cultures are the same as ours. Actually they don’t…they insist that all cultures are the same, but the White culture is always worse.

The multicultural egalitarians refuses to look at the facts and insists that throwing money at Blacks, giving them more education and changing their environment will eventually create sophisticated Blacks on par or better than Whites or Asians.

The recent experiment during the 1960’s and 1970’s in Australia proved this environmental theory wrong. Aborigine children were removed from their societies and placed in upper middle class societies with no shortages of food, quality education, etc yet still severely underperformed in schools and eventually reverting back to criminality, alcoholism and every other social ill. No amount of money, wasted education or change of environment could change the genetic primeval makeup of these savages.

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. Why not? Infinity is a long time. Eventually the monkey will get it right. What if we take two monkeys and let them fire away on their keyboards? Surely we would half the statistical probability of them eventually writing “Hamlet”. So let us take it further and let an infinite amount of monkeys let rip at an infinite amount of keyboards for an infinite amount of time…what are the probabilities that a Shakespearian work will ever be copied word for word, ignoring punctuation, spacing and capitalization, from the original? Even if the observable universe were filled with monkeys typing for all time, their total probability to produce a single instance of Hamlet would still be less than one in 10183,800 …. But it is not impossible.

Then we have to ask the question, what is the probability of an infinite amount of monkeys, behind an infinite amount of keyboards hitting the keys at random for an infinite amount of time, ever producing the equivalent an ORIGINAL work of a Shakespearian quality?

Egalitarians not convinced will keep on trying to teach monkeys to read and write, count and teach them human behavior, trying to prove that we humans are just intelligent monkeys. They often come short, such as Sandra Herold who kept on trying to change her chimp, Travis, into a human until he eventually lost it and ripped her friend Charla Nash to shreds. LWB friend of another LWB comes short at the hands of the monkey they tried to turn into a human. I suppose some people just insist on learning the hard way.

No amount of proof, no amount of well researched evidence or statistical analysis will ever sway the minds of these cantankerous egalitarians. They are as persistent as shit in a woollen blanket.

After all the evidence has been produced and they have realised that they have lost, the liberal egalitarians revert to what is known as “Godwin’ss law”.
Michael Wayne Godwin is an American attorney who has spent a lot of time arguing on internet forums. According to Godwin’s Law, as any internet forum discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis, Hitler or Racists approaches 1[one].

Godwin’s Law can be seen on every forum. The moment multicultural, racial failure apologists loses an argument, they pull the “Nazi invective” or revert back to name-calling and the “Racist invective”.

Any blog, any website who ever discusses the racial issues, will start off with some intelligent comments, but before long it will degenerate into silly name-calling of “racists” and “Nazis” as soon as the socialistic liberal egalitarians who don’t want to work for anything, but expect free handouts for all, have lost the arguments about race. Some forums or blog posts will also degenerate into, “Jew bashing” or “Afrikaner bashing” giving another dimension to “Godwin’s Law”.

Liberal egalitarianism intolerance prevents any intelligent discussion about race. They want to smother every opposing view, yet claim to be the vanguards of “freedom of speech”. To them, “Freedom of speech” means everyone who agrees with them. They do not tolerate any opposing views. And if you dare to contradict them ..well, then you must be a “Racist”. “The Economist” had declared that “a good rule in most discussions is that the first person to call the other a “Nazi” or a “Racist” automatically loses the argument.”

Source: SA Sucks

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